Our Managing Director, Blake McCormack, a Residential Rental Provider (RRP) and Electrical contractor with over 15 years’ experience founded Safest with a simple principle: “Maintain full compliance with the new Victorian Residential Tenancy's Act regulations, save agencies time and money, help RRPs and most of all protect renters, all through a seamless process.”

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We build relationships with agencies, property managers and homeowners that are characterised by our flexibility, adaptability and desire to meet and exceed expectations


Our Mission

To become the market leader, housing a next-generation safety check service. The business model lets us offer better customer service than traditional electrical contractors, gas fitters and, smoke detector testing organisations. Safest offers full safety check testing of your properties in a customer-focused environment. We are powered by a mobile app and data storage service that ensures you have safety check results at your fingertips at all times.