The Victorian government passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 and Transitional Regulations 2021; aiming to increase protections for renters through the introduction of Minimal Rental Standards (MRS).

The minimum standards are divided into 14 categories, such as locks, heating and window coverings.

All rental properties must meet the standards for each category.

Landlords (rental providers) must ensure a property meets the specified minimum rental standards on or before the day a renter moves in.

Where a property fails to meet minimum standards, or requested repairs are not carried out to bring a property up to minimum standards, penalties apply.

Read more about the rental property minimal standards here.

Safest offers the full range of safety check testing to ensure your property meets the required standards and most importantly, is safe for the occupants.

We are able to fix small issues on-site. With any larger issues, you can trust that Safest will quote competitively and coordinate with your property manager to ensure a seamless service.

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