The below will help you understand what a safety check is and how Safest conducts these checks.

If you have been contacted by one of our friendly staff to book a gas, electrical, or smoke alarm safety check at your home it is because your property manager or residential rental provider has asked us to carry out these mandatory checks.

SAFEST offers full safety check testing of your property in a customer-focused environment. It is important you understand what is required of a residential rental provider under the new laws.

The Victorian government passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 and Transitional Regulations 2021; aiming to increase protections for renters.

Rental providers who enter into a new agreement after 29 March 2021, or have a fixed-term agreement of more than five years that rolls over into a periodic tenancy after 29 March 2021 must have:


These checks are mandatory and carried out at your property by a qualified electrician, gasfitter, and smoke alarm technician.  The electrician will check all power outlets, and any electrical fixtures as well as a thorough check of the switchboard and test the smoke alarms, whilst the gasfitter will check the gas lines from the mains juncture all the way to the appliances using gas, service the heaters and gas stoves.

Prior to the safety checks being carried out we ask that you attend to the below and prepare your property saving time for our technicians on site:


  • Turn off heaters 30 minutes prior to the technician attending. The heaters heat up and are unable to be checked.
  • Remove any items that may cover manholes to allow for clear access.
  • Clear items/furniture away from heaters.
  • Clear or remove household goods/kitchen accessories from cupboards where there is a PowerPoint/gas pipe.
  • Please also clean up the yard so it’s free of debris making it safe for our technicians.
  • Power may be turned off for a short time whilst equipment in the switchboard is checked.

Please also note that if a gas or electrical appliance is found to be faulty it will be decommissioned and a quote to replace/repair will be sent to your property manager for rectification.

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